Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quiet time . . .

All the kids in bed, and finally asleep. Quiet. A glass of wine. Time to catch up on some DVR'd programs which have gone unwatched until this chance.


It was a pretty productive day. Lots of laundry is fresh and clean and put away. I got a chance to make some progress on my socks -- I'm ready to turn the heels. And I was able to begin culling through some things in our home office to donate to Duncan's school. Office supplies that seemed like a good thing at the time, but have gone unused. The school will be able to use them.

The home office is one that we've used for our business since we moved in here twelve years ago. Art fixed himself up a place in one of the basement rooms a few months back -- computer work benches and all the gizmos he needs for the business (it looks like the console of the USS Enterprise down there. I think it actually glows in the dark.) -- and moved some of his stuff down there. And said the home office would make a great knitting studio for me. And he'd be moved out of it by December. And it will make a great space for my knitting/book stuff if I can ever get the rest of his stuff evicted. Today was the first attempt at that.

In that room is a large cedar closet the former owners built and used for storing winter clothing and I think some furs. We had floor to ceiling shelves built into it when we decided to turn that former guest room into an office, and so once I can get them cleared of the things that are in there, it'll make great yarn storage. I'm excited at the prospect.

So, tomorrow is the day the housecleaner comes. After a year, I still have mixed feelings about it. Love, love, love the clean house at the end of the day. Guilt, guilt, guilt over not doing it myself. Note to self: get over it. And on Friday, a nice lunch planned with some friends while the girls visit Grandma for a bit. I'm looking forward to that.

I also got a chance today to do a little online yarn shopping, amid all the other stuff. I picked up some things from The Loopy Ewe. Some Claudia Handpainted, some Schaefer Anne, and some Louet. I've never knit with any of those three, or even seen them in person, so I'm eager to get my hands on them. And, I ordered a few patterns from Cookie A's site. What a pleasure to be able to order them, download them, and get that instant gratification. I really enjoy knitting Cookie's patterns. She's a gifted sock designer. I've done her Monkey socks, the Baudelaires, and the pattern she did for one of the Socks That Rock monthly club installments last year.

I can't even imagine being able to design socks like hers.

And on that thought . . . back to the peace and quiet at the end of the day. Cheers!


  1. A housekeeper! Sigh!! Do you see my green w/envy?;)lol

  2. It really is worth every penny. Mrs. Brown comes once a week and spends 6 hours doing the type of cleaning you can't leave two 2-year olds alone long enough to do.