Monday, May 21, 2007

And so it begins . . .

both my day and my blog. I'm an old woman with young children and the start of this day pretty well sums that up. It's Boniva day. Got to protect my aging bones. And then there's potty training the girls -- our two 2 year olds -- Abby and Emma. Well, Abby is going to be 3 in a couple of weeks. Emma won't turn 3 until November.

Boniva and potty training. The parentheses around the rest of my day today.

I'm not sure what the day, or this blog will bring. My life has been unpredictable in its entirety so far. I'm going to do some knitting. I'm going to eat breakfast as soon as my "wait an hour after Boniva" sentence is up. I'm going to pick up our son Duncan at kindergarten this afternoon. Oooh, the Schwan's guy comes today . . . time to stock up the freezer.

So for knitting, I have a couple of things going right now, and a few more things I really need to be doing for Crystal Palace Yarns. I cast on some socks for myself. I love knitting socks. I love wearing handknit socks. After the first pair I made for myself a bit less than two years ago, I started designing my own. This particular pair is based on the Italian Chain Stitch from one of Barbara Walker's books. The shawl is the Candle Flame Shawl that I'm knitting from my sock yarn remnants. I love my sock yarns so much I can't bear to part with even the remnants, and so I decided to knit a shawl for myself using up what I've got from the many pair I've done. I'll probably have enough to make more than one project from these pretty little odds and ends.

OK, time's up and off for breakfast.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world & thank you for finally doing this for your stalker fans like me.;0) Just remember me when you're more famous than you already are now. hee hee
    Love ya!!!

  2. Terry, I have to ask. What is Boniva?

  3. Katherine, Boniva is a once a month osteoporosis medication along the same lines as Actonel and Fosamax, except you only have to take it once a month.

    I have some osteopenia in my spine and hips, and some osteoporosis in some of my vertebrae, but the Boniva is helping rebuild the bone mass and my bone scans have improved over the last two years.

  4. You are truly an amazing lady!!! Having 3 little tykes is a full time job, but you find time to be so very creative. Your designs simply amaze me. Girlfriend you are my American Idol!!!!

  5. Fifi, thanks so much! I'm glad you like the designs. ;-)