Thursday, May 24, 2007

Italian Chain Rib Sock Update

I thought I'd take just a minute to pop in and post a photo of my socks. The heels are turned and I'm headed down the foot through the gusset decreases. This photo illustrates how stretchy the stitch pattern is. These socks are being knit with #1 needles on 60 stitches from Opal solid sock yarn. I'm getting about 12 rpi and 10 spi for gauge in stockinette in the round.

More later!


  1. WOW! Stretchy must be the understatement of the year there. Did you try that big honkin' one on? :)lol Is that why it's stretched bigger?? LOL Just kidding!

  2. LOL! Actually, it's on a sock blocker to show the stretch in the rib. I have tried them on, though, and they are a good fit. ;-)

    So where are YOUR socks?

  3. Ahem....(sheepishly said)I crawl away properly abashed.;)lol