Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heroes . . .

Did you catch the season finale of Heroes on NBC last night? What a phenomenal way to end the season. I thought it was a great blend of resolving the immediate issue of the explosion while leaving so many open possibilities for future season episodes. My thoughts about this turn to questions that are just tickling my brain with anticipation for next fall's new episode.

  1. Molly mentioned a person who she didn't know how to find. She said he wasn't like the bogeyman, but that he could see her. Who is this person?
  2. Could that person be Charles, who could see Peter when he went back to re-visit his first day on the job with him and saw his mother speaking with Charles?
  3. Charles spoke of the importance of love, and of course in the end we see it was Nathan and Peter's love for each other that brought about the solution to the explosion issue. Does Charles know something about Peter's background and history that we don't know yet and which explains more about the Peter/Sylar issue?
  4. Such as, my favorite pet theory, that Peter and Sylar are fraternal twins separated at birth, and epitomize good and evil in the world?
  5. Notice how Charles told Peter as he was wheeling him into the apartment, "Call me Charles"? and how Mr. Bennet told him toward the end of the show, "Call me Noah"?
  6. Is there a spiritual/biblical analogy to be drawn by the Noah reference, as in Noah Bennet is the modern day Noah who brings the heroes through worldwide destruction in order to cleanse the world of evil and start fresh?
  7. And what is up with Mama Petrelli? What an evil old crone she's turning out to be . . . or is she?
  8. Is Sylar really well and truly dead? What was with all the stuff flashing in his eyes as he expired?
  9. And what about the explosion in the sky? Peter can regenerate. Nathan can fly. Could Nathan have take Peter up far enough, then flown away to a safe distance before the explosion? I believe we'll be seeing them again. Do you?
  10. And last but not least . . . Hiro in 1600's Japan, the one army gathered to one side, the lone samurai on the other, the solar eclipse . . . are we about to learn that his father, Mr. Nakamura, is the ancient samurai Kensei?

What a lot to ponder, huh?

So, I didn't get a whole lot of knitting done yesterday. I did a bit more on the shawl, maybe another pattern repeat or two, and did a solitary round on my socks. Maybe today will be a better knitting day.

Duncan has only 9 more days of school, and then summer vacation begins. That brings a whole new dynamic back into the household. The girls are accustomed to having things go their way and according to their schedule, and they have gotten to like it that way. With Duncan home all day, I'm curious to see what that does to their little routine.

Speaking of the girls, Emma has discovered the ability to poop for M&Ms. What a breakthrough! Two of those tiny little M&M minis is sufficient motivation for her to "go big stinky" in the potty. Hallelujah, since two year old poop just isn't cute any more!

It's another pretty day here, with sunshine and clear skies and temperatures that will probably be in the 70s. That's a warm day in northern Michigan. Summer is that few days in mid-July when the temperature may reach into the 90s. Other than that, it's pretty much like this. Of course, we have been known to need the gas logs running on July 4th before. You just never know.

I noticed this morning that sonny-boy is out of clean socks, so I see a load of laundry in my future, probably several loads of laundry. Abby just zinged through here clutching some Bob the Builder goggles, with Emma hot on her tail screaming, "Mine! Mine!" Yet another opportunity in the never ending instruction that if you want something, "Ask her politely to give it to you."

Where is that Hero with the power to impart peace and calm when you need him?

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  1. I thought the show was a bit of a let down. I guess I was expecting somethin more spectacular. I was intrigued by Molly's line, though I don't think she was referring to Charles. She said he was worse than the bogeyman. Charles is not evil, so why would Molly be so afraid of him? Why did Nathan have to come back and fly Peter out of NYC? Peter can fly on his own. I was hoping for more of a battle between Peter and Sylar. I don't think Sylar is dead because at the very end, you see the bloody marks going down into the sewer. Hiro in 1600's Japan ought to be interesting, but if he can time travel, he can just pop back to modern day Tokyo.

    All in all, next season should be either fascinating, or more of the same.