Thursday, April 03, 2008

Beach Buddy Tote . . .

This new tote was a little break for me last week. I've been concentrating on developing sock patterns lately, and trying to branch out into other garment design as well, and I decided to take a breather and go back to a favorite old standby -- felted bags.

Late last year, I committed to designing a bag for the June Bag-a-Holics group monthly knitalong. I thought that I'd get busy on that last week and get the project finished and off my plate well in advance of the deadline, and so this design, Beach Buddy Tote is what resulted.

A serendipitous thing happened though. Just when the bag was finished and the pattern was ready to go, the person who had committed to designing the April bag was unable to make that in time and a call went out to see if another designer had something ready. Et voila! Beach Buddy to the rescue! It was a pleasure to be able to pitch in and offer the pattern two months early and help out a fellow designer.

This pattern will be available for sale on my website and through Ravelry beginning May 1.


  1. So beautiful. I love it.

  2. Really cute. I like the clossure system you used.