Monday, January 07, 2008

My nifty homemade knitting bag . . .

Nifty and cheap, that is. Jules posted a comment to my last entry asking about the bag and the two strands of yarn feeding from the openings. Yes, I made it. I simply took a shopping bag (whatever size works for you best, this is one that works great for 2 socks at once on 2 circs) and applied two 1/4" grommets to the side.

If you are extremely ambitious and have two pairs of socks going at once, and your bag is large enough for the 4 balls of yarn, then put two more grommets on the other side of the bag. Three pairs at once? Put one additional grommet in each of the side gussets for a total of six holes.

This really works well to keep the yarns tangle-free, and also is a great place to pop the sock into when you are taking a break from them. The handles make it so portable and also serve as a means to hang them on a peg or the back of a chair.

Got to love those shopping bags, right? Just one more reason to get out there and shop, shop, shop. Good for the economy and good for your knitting!


  1. I knew it! You little genius! Thanks for the how-to.;)

  2. You are brilliant!


  3. wow, I guess i will sew myself one in the style of this paper bag, and have a thing that does serve me a long time :-)

    Thanks for such a nifty idea