Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Knitting Resolutions 2008, an unbridled year of knitting . . .

un·bri·dled [uhn-brahyd-ld] –adjective
1. not controlled or restrained: unbridled enthusiasm.
2. not fitted with a bridle.

Since I took up knitting seriously in early 2005, I've subjected myself to various imposed or self-imposed knitting deadlines, constraints, and requirements. None of which I've regretted and all of which I've enjoyed. Is there even such a thing as bad knitting time?

First, there was a sampler afghan which was part of a knitting Bible study. Then various other learning projects I did to teach myself different techniques. And then very soon, designing felted bags for Crystal Palace Yarns, and then launching my book planning, knitting, and publishing. Along they way there have been knitting exchanges, special projects for CPY, the always-present knitting for holiday gifts, and the many designs that come to mind in odd moments of the day.

I realized a few weeks ago, in the midst of another non-knitting-related mini-crisis, that there is very little in my life over which I have absolute control. Tag, knitting! In 2008, you're IT! I can control you when I can't control anything else around me. I need to control you. I need to make you more precious, more intimate, more mine. I need to possess you.

I resolve that 2008 will be the year in which I only knit when I want to, as much or as little as I want to, with what I want to, for whom I want to, and why I want to. Whew! All that being said, I realize it sounds so selfish! Yet, it also feels so liberating! It feels empowering. It feels new and somehow forbidden.

When I want to design a pattern, I'll do it. When I want to knit mindless washcloths, I'll do it. When I want to luxuriate in sock yarn and tiny, perfect stitches, I'll do it. When I want to do another book of collected patterns, I'll do it.

I promise myself not to feel guilty about saying 'no'. I promise myself not to feel guilty about saying 'yes'. I promise myself that I'll enjoy each and every stitch that slips past my fingers, whether fruitless or fruitful. I promise myself to enjoy the miles of yarn I've collected and to knit with abandon, with purpose or without, and with senses fully engaged in the moment when each stitch is birthed from left needle to right.

I promise myself to let creativity off the leash. I promise to try not to be afraid of that creative muse! I promise to embrace knitting as a function that is as involuntarily as breathing, knowing that each breath is a precious gift and so is each stitch, each garment, each swatch, each mistake.

Yes, I'm looking forward to 2008 and to what it brings. Will being unbridled be as productive as being bridled? Will it be more so? In the end, does it really matter?

Cheers! And may all your knitting this year be unbridled!


  1. Wishing you a wonderful year of knitting in 2008! I hope it will be a much more enjoyable and less stressful year for you. Congratulations on your upcoming book!

  2. Good for you!!:)

  3. You've expressed this so well! Wishing you the best for 2008, in life and in knitting!

    Ann :D

  4. Did you make your paper sack with the rivet holes for multiple yarn?? I was just realizing how good this would be for me. I might not have to sequester myself in my room to knit away from the children.;)lol

  5. Yeee-ha! Bring it! :o) I finished my sockies from your pattern last night . . . now I might actually try a garter heel, fling caution to the wind! :-D
    Golly, sign me up for a knitting Bible study!
    ~ meg in Alpena