Friday, August 17, 2007

The end is in sight . . .

The end of my Knitting To Do List, that is. Well, at least the end of the immediate short range To Do list. I cast on last night for the last CPY project that is hanging fire. After it's knitted, felted, and finished, I can finalize all the photos and patterns and get this batch out to Susan. Then, I can regroup and think through what needs to be done next.

I'm excited about this current pattern for Crystal Palace. It's one they'll offer for free download. The pattern is done in two colorways -- a dressier one and a more casual one. I can't wait to show them to you when they are done. If you haven't done so yet, hop over there and take a look at my Margarita! bag that's been put up on the website recently. It's definitely a cool summer refresher.

Weather here is a bit cool today, but gorgeously sunny. This is the time of year in northeastern Michigan when you can just begin to feel autumn in the air, and see the first streakings of color in the maple leaves. School will start on Tuesday after Labor Day, and by then, it's definitely jacket weather here.

I love this time of year, with the bit of coolness in the air and the promise of the rush of summer slowing to a more manageable pace. The pull of that urge to pick up some soft squshy wool and just knit for hours grows stronger and stronger as the days become cooler.

My Montego Bay scarf is cast on and moving right along. I'm about a third of the way done with it. I've decided to incorporate some beads in the trim at each end. I think it'll be really pretty when it's done. I'm using Socka Colori Disco yarn, which has a bit of silver glitter in it. I haven't worked on the Moonlight Sonata Shawl in a few days, but I'll get back to it. I'm enjoying having a few projects to switch back and forth as I work on them.

I'm still deliberating about what to do with that Diamond Fantasy Shawl. Gift it? Or keep it and wear it myself and gift a different project? Or gift it along with another (more perfect) project as a sort of "sorry I'm human" apology gift? I think I'm leaning toward Option #3. What would you do?

Did I mention that I have two completely potty trained little girls? YAAAAAYY! Even through the night, both Abby and Emma are staying dry. It's big girl panties all around here at the Ross home! Or, as Abby and Emma call them, "pretty panties".

Now, that's cause to celebrate!

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  1. Congrats first & foremost to the potty trained pretties in your house & to your patience for getting it done!;)
    Next, I'm still with the gift it shawl option. Anyone who truly knows you, would love it. And the bags are killer-nicely done!;)