Thursday, July 12, 2007

Every day brings a new surprise

Sometimes in knitting life, you have a happy accident. This week, I intended to knit a dishcloth. A pretty, pink little thing with some nubs on it that would make good scrubbers. And, I wanted to play around with knitting a square in the round. Yep. A square in the round.

Well, the idea was a good one. The technique is a good old tried and true method of casting on enough stitches for the perimeter of the square and then making double decreases at each corner until you get to the center, and then pull the remaining stitches tightly together. The happy accident happened when I chose to cast on too many stitches with a yarn that was too heavy. Twice as heavy, as a matter of fact. I used Peaches and Cream Double Weight Worsted Cotton yarn.

The hapless dishcloth turned out to be 17.5" square when finished. So, it quickly metamorphosized into a very cute, very pink, very nubbly envelope style shoulder bag. I lined it, gave it a cute button and crocheted button loop, and attached a nice long cross-the-body length shoulder strap. As soon as I get a minute to do it, I'll write up the pattern and post it on my free pattern page.

Here are some photos of this little cutie. Well, not so little. It's 12.5" wide and 11" tall.

The back of this bag has the center rosette I made just before binding off.

There's a cute flower design button, and the straps were put on simply by attaching the purse loops through the stitches at the top of the bag.
The lining is a double thickness of a floral printed organza.

So, there it is. I'm pretty happy with this happy accident!


  1. If only my accidents looked this good!:) Well done!

  2. Thanks, Jules . . . so, are you going to knit one? It's only a dishcloth. ;-)

  3. A dishcloth that wants to be a purse is exactly something that would happen in my life, Terry!!

  4. :-) This is so much like my real life . . . I set out to do one thing and then something entirely different, and beautiful, happens!