Saturday, July 28, 2007

Beautiful Fleece Artist Sea Wool!

Recently, I received some Fleece Artist Sea Wool in the Hercules colorway from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe. (Thanks, Sheri!) It is so beautiful, soft, and luscious! I just finished a pair of socks from that yarn. The colors are so gorgeous, I decided that just plain old stockinette was the way to go. Take a look for yourself!

I did something new with the toe. Rather than have the toe decreases placed one stitch in from each side, I decided (inspired by the way Colin did his toe increases on a recent pair of socks) to keep a set number of stitches in the middle of the toe and have my decreases slant toward them instead. Here is what the toe looks like when you do that.
Don't you just love having a newly finished pair of socks?
Now, I MUST get back to working on some purses!!!


  1. The colourway and toe are really good! I'd buy this yarn. Your toe looks very smart.

  2. Thanks, Colin! I hope you are able to get some of this yarn. It really feels great both during knitting and on the feet.

  3. I love these colors!! And the toe, looks VERY VERY good.:0

  4. I just finished socks in that colorway last week. I am wearing them now and they feel wonderful in a cold office.

    I was also thinking of trying that toe, so maybe next socks! Thank you for sharing.