Friday, September 05, 2008

Casual, Elegant Knits Blog Tour -- Here on September 13!

I'm pleased to announce that my blog will be a stop along the way as Faina Goberstein and Dawn Leeseman tour the blogosphere talking about their wonderful new book, Casual, Elegant Knits from Martingale. This collection of gorgeous, knit-lust inducing patterns was released this past July, and I can't wait to talk to the authors here on my blog about it.

More specifically, we'll be chatting with Dawn Leeseman and I'll pick her brain about felting, which you know is a knitting subject close to my heart. Be watching my blog and tune in on September 13 to see what Dawn has to tell us about felting and about Casual, Elegant Knits.

If you are interested in following the tour, the schedule is listed below, along with links to the tour stops. The tour launched yesterday with the first stop at the blog of Lynn Hershberger. Pop over and see Lynn's interview with Faina and Dawn, and be sure to catch more of the tour at the sites below.


Lynn Hershberger
Sept 4th

Carol Sulcoski
Sept 5th

Cindy Moore
Sept 6th

Amy Polcyn
Sept 7th

Connie Chang
Sept 8th

Marie Grace Smith
Sept 9th

Susan Lawrence
Sept 10th

Marnie MacLean
Sept 11th

Sept 12th

Terry Ross
Sept 13th

Liz Moreno
Sept 14th

Donna Druchunas
Sept 15th

Jennifer Tallapaneni
Sept 16th

Kristi Porter
Sept 17th

Joanne Seiff
Sept 18th

Simona Merchant-Dest
Sept 19th

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