Thursday, June 05, 2008

Top-down or toe-up . . .

Ana left a comment in the Koi Socks (thanks, Ana!) asking about whether the Koi socks are worked toe-up or top-down. The Koi socks are knit top down, but the stitch pattern would look exactly the same worked from toe-up, and is easily convertible.

Which made me realize I needed to put more information on the Socks page of my website to tell a little bit more about the pattern. I've incorporated a brief description for each pattern which you may find helpful.

In a nutshell, Flambeau, Gracious, Tangled Faeries, and Miss O'Hara are all toe-up construction. The rest of the socks are knit top-down.


  1. Since we're on the subject, would Lacuna convert to toe-up easily as well?


  2. Jennifer, the stitch pattern for Lacuna will absolutely look the same going toe-up. If you are comfortable working the top of the toe in seed stitch and incorporating the increases into the stitch pattern as you go, you could do Lacuna toe-up very easily.