Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Calorimetry . . .

What a fast and fun little knit this was! I've been in such a fast and furious design mode lately that I thought I'd take a few hours and knit something that someone else designed. So, Calorimetry (from it was. I used some yarn remnants to knit this up and just love how it turned out.

On my design needles (and the needles of my test knitters) are 3 pairs of socks and some fingerless gloves. Just off the needles are another pair of fingerless gloves and a hat. Lined up as soon as one of my test knitters finishes socks is a cute little neckwarmer. Soon, I should have several new patterns up for sale on my website and posted at Ravelry as well.


  1. The colors are beautiful!

  2. I nominated you as blog "which bring you inspiration and make you appreciate the blogosphere ! " If you wish to participate please nominate your choice of 10blogs and let them know.

    Terry I just LOVE the yumminess on your blog! your bags are to dye for too!! much scrumminess!!
    Sue (from K&C)